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Savvy Brokers offer our valued clients leading edge Insurance solutions. Our Forte being Short Term Insurance right through to Commercial Insurance, Offering professional advice and services levels second to none. Savvy Brokers is committed to providing our valued clients with sound advice, genuine after sale service and the “EXTRA BANG” for their money.


Savvy Brokers have partnered with South Africa’s leading Insurance companies offering a variety of Insurance Solutions to ensure that our clients are completely covered 24/7; when they need it most.

Savvy Brokers firmly believe that insurance should be available to anyone regardless of their financial need and situation, therefore we have partnered with only but the best providers within the Insurance Industry, to ensure a multitude of Insurance solutions and packages are available for our valued clients.


Feel free to take advantage of any of our dedicated, professional agents who will gladly assist you in making the correct selection for you Insurance need! This will allow you to make a well informed and hassle free purchase, along with allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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Savvy Brokers?

We have partnered with only the best Insurance providers.


Receiving advice and Quotations is a hassle, obligation free process.


Our Agents are well trained, professional and willing to assist, we truly care!


Savvy Brokers provides sound advice second to none.


We place our clients needs first. We Care!


Our client’s information remains confidential safe and secure.


Our Aim is to save you money, whilst providing you with a plethora of Insurance solutions to fit your individual need.


We offer transparent Insurance solutions whilst treating our clients professionally and with trust, honesty and integrity.

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About Savvy Brokers

Our Company


Savvy Brokers is committed to providing our valued clients with comprehensive advice; service that is beyond compare, as well as a variety of Insurance solutions suitable to your individual financial requirement.


Everything you require regarding Insurance is available under one roof, making your life easier and stress free whilst searching for the perfect Insurance cover. Your Insurance portfolio is in the hands of fully qualified and well trained professionals who truly care, you can rest assured knowing you are completely covered day and night.


Our Vision


At Savvy Brokers we are aimed at becoming leaders in the Insurance & Financial services sector within the South African market, offering our valued clients first rate Financial & Insurance solutions for their individual financial need. Savvy Brokers offers Dynamic, innovative and professional solutions.


Our Mission


Savvy Brokers aims to provide all South Africans with trouble free, tailored and bundled Insurance solutions to fit their individual need. Acquiring an Insurance Policy does not need to be a grudge purchase but rather a purchase based on sound advice, excellent service and “cover for All”, leaving our clients with peace of mind knowing they are correctly

covered…All the time!

Service Excellence:


Savvy Brokers have a team of fully trained and professional agents whom have extensive experience and knowledge within the Insurance industry, offering our valued clients professional advice at all times.


We at Savvy Brokers pride ourselves in offering our clients service that is second to none, and tailored Insurance solutions based on individual needs and requirements.

Well trained and Professional Agents:


At Savvy Brokers, we ensure that all our agents are well scrutinised in their interview process to ensure they are able to furnish our clients with accurate and appropriate advice at all times.


All our agents are continuously trained to ensure they are professional and meet Industry requirements and standards.


Our agents act with Honesty, Integrity and transparency.


Complete our online “Request a Quote” today, and we will have one of our dedicated agents contact you to provide you with the right advice and fit for your Insurance need.

More Bang for your Money:

Savvy Brokers along with our dynamic and motivated Team offer our valued clients more “Bang” for their “money”, we have built our Insurance on cutting edge solutions, hassle free processes, comprehensive advice and impeccable service offerings. This allows Savvy Brokers to offer our valued clients bundled solutions along with a plethora of Insurance packages to suit their individual needs.

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Products offered

Vehicle Insurance


At Savvy Brokers we have carefully hand-picked our Insurance Providers to ensure that we are able to offer All South African’s the opportunity to have access to a variety of Vehicle Insurance Solutions trouble free. At Savvy Brokers we do all the hard work for our clients; from finding the best fit for your need to negotiating the best Insurance solutions, packages and Platinum rated prices so that you don’t have to.


Purchasing an Insurance Policy does not need to be a tedious process or a grudge purchase, we have various options available for our clients from a surplus of Insurers to choose from as well as various cover options available from Full Comprehensive Cover to third-party fire and theft cover only.


Let us help you to find the most suitable Vehicle Insurance solution for your Individual need, leave your details below and one of our dedicated, friendly and professional agents will contact you back providing you with access to all of our Insurance Partners, making it easier for you to make an informed financial decision. Make the Savvy choice today!

Building Insurance


Your property or offices could easily be one of your most valuable pieces of possessions which you own or lease. Ensuring you have the correct cover in place will eliminate those sleepless nights, knowing that should anything happen you are completely covered and can rest “insured”.It can be very costly to recover a loss if you have not insured your property correctly or at all for that matter.


Savvy Brokers offer, leading edge solutions, sound advice and affordable comprehensive cover when ensuring your property or offices, we assist you in looking out for things you would never have thought of; from cover for burst pipes, geysers, pool pumps, electric motors, storms and floods, break ins, theft, lightening damage and a whole lot more.


Need advice or a quote? Leave your details below and one of our friendly agents will be in contact with you.

Home Content Insurance


Savvy Brokers understands its customers best when it comes to their family and home, this is the place where you can break away from the “grind”, create memories and enjoy unforgettable moments with your family and friends. However, the thought of losing this is devastating, we at Savvy Brokers may not be able to replace the memories you have made, however we can guarantee that you are correctly covered and you receive the required insurance to cover the items inside of your beautiful home should they be stolen, lost or damaged.


Savvy Brokers understands that convenience is key, that is why we have partnered with the best, as to offer our clients additional services such as: access to a panel of qualified and approved locksmiths, electricians & plumbing services, cover for stolen garden furniture, cover for the food that deteriorates in your freezer and much much more…


Get a quote from Savvy Brokers today, we will make sure that you are comprehensively covered, the crime in South Africa is no secret, take no chances.  Leave your details below, request a call from one of our qualified agents and we will contact you back.

Portable Possessions Insurance


Been away on an island holiday lately with your luggage? Purchased a new piece of jewelry? Upgraded your old phone to a slick, stylish new handset? All these items cost you a tremendous amount of money and hard earned labor, why risk the potential of having these items stolen or damaged with no cover?


Everybody has their personal valuables which they carry outside of their home, it makes sense to insure these items as in this day and age, with the crime increasing on the streets of South Africa, smash and grabs and petty crime on the rise it can be costly to replace your valuables.


Savvy Brokers can help you replace any stolen, lost or damaged items that you carry outside of your residence, thus putting you back in the same financial position you were in before your loss.


Contact Savvy Brokers today to arrange an obligation free quote on your valuable possessions.






Motorcycle Insurance


Whether you are a motor cycle fanatic and ride every day or you blow off some steam over the weekend after a long hard week of work, Savvy Brokers has just the right cover for you! We have partnered with the best Insurers who specialise in Motorcycle Insurance and are able to tailor make packages to suit all, including track cover for our weekend track warriors.


We also offer cover for all your valuable motorcycle accessories and bike trailers. Get a quote today, let us cover you comprehensively whilst you have no stress when you are out burning some rubber!



Leisure Insurance

Bicycle Insurance


Why risk having your newly purchased race bike or mountain bike stolen or damaged? Savvy Brokers together with our Insurance partners have the right solution to cover you whilst you out riding races or just simply enjoying the sunny outdoors. Contact us today to hear more about our exciting options available.






Watercraft Insurance


Savvy Brokers brings to you only but the best in watercraft insurance, with affordable comprehensive packages, contact us

today and get a quote through Savvy Brokers for your motorboat, jetski, rubber duck or even ski boat.


We also offer additional cover for your Watercraft trailers, contact Savvy Brokers today to find out more on the available





Caravan and Trailer Insurance


Do you Enjoy life outdoors? Are you a happy camper?


Savvy Brokers has just the right cover to suit your individual need, with platinum rated prices and packages, you are able to spend extra time outdoors doing the things you enjoy most; resting assured that your insurance is in good hands.


From Insurance cover for the Caravan and Trailer only to Insurance for the contents carried inside, we offer cover for both, make the Savvy Choice…


Contact Savvy Brokers today for comprehensive quotes or submit your details below and one of our professional agents will contact you back!

Business Insurance


Your business is your pride and joy; you have spent countless hours growing a successful business, making sure it allows you to keep your household running, paying for the cars and house, putting your children through school and tertiary education. Don’t risk losing it all, insure your business intelligently and correctly.


Savvy Brokers has a wide variety of commercial Insurers who provide cover for: office contents, electronic equipment, the repair and replacement costs of machinery, injury to employees, company vehicles, theft by employees and more.


Our packages can also include Public Liability Insurance which will provide cover in the event that an employee is responsible for the injury or death of someone else, or causes damage to someone else’s property while performing business tasks and you are held accountable as a business owner.


Let us help you make the right choices, contact our offices today for an obligation free Business Insurance Quote.


Ensure your business continuity, make the Savvy Choice.

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